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Conditional Use

City Ordinance 530-37 - Application for Conditional Use:

An application for a conditional use shall be filed on a form prescribed by the City. The application shall be accompanied by a plan showing the location, size and shape of the lot(s) involved and of any proposed structures and the existing and proposed use of each structure and lot and shall include a statement in writing by the applicant and adequate evidence showing that the proposed conditional use shall conform to the standards set forth in § 530-40 hereinafter. The Plan Commission or City Council may require such other information as may be necessary to determine and provide for the enforcement of this chapter, including a plan showing contours and soil types; high-water mark and groundwater conditions; bedrock; vegetative cover; specifications for areas of proposed filling, grading, and lagooning; location of buildings, parking areas, traffic access, driveways, walkways, open spaces and landscaping; plans of buildings, sewage disposal facilities, and water supply systems; and arrangements of operations.

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