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Conditional Use

City Ordinance 530-37 - Application for Conditional Use:

An application for a conditional use shall be filed on a form prescribed by the City. The application shall be accompanied by a plan showing the location, size and shape of the lot(s) involved and of any proposed structures and the existing and proposed use of each structure and lot and shall include a statement in writing by the applicant and adequate evidence showing that the proposed conditional use shall conform to the standards set forth in § 530-40 hereinafter. The Plan Commission or City Council may require such other information as may be necessary to determine and provide for the enforcement of this chapter, including a plan showing contours and soil types; high-water mark and groundwater conditions; bedrock; vegetative cover; specifications for areas of proposed filling, grading, and lagooning; location of buildings, parking areas, traffic access, driveways, walkways, open spaces and landscaping; plans of buildings, sewage disposal facilities, and water supply systems; and arrangements of operations.

City of Weyauwega Mission Statement


The City of Weyauwega will continue to embrace its great heritage and history while actively researching, attracting and implementing new opportunities and business for residents and guests to improve their quality of life through cost effective quality public services, great community events and recreational activities appropriate for all ages and cultures.

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