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City Government


These three positions are instrumental in keeping the city office running smoothly.  

Marcus Rennicke

City Administrator

The City Administrator  oversees all functions of city operations as prescribed by the Common Council. He is responsible for the overall duties regarding finances, budget, personnel, and zoning. He also directs issues to the proper committees and takes recommendations to the Common Council for approval. 

Rebecca Loehrke.jpg
Katrina Herbst-Gutche.jpg

Becky Loehrke

Katrina Herbst-Gutche

City Clerk

City Treasurer

The City Clerk greets residents upon their arrival to city hall, directs them to the proper channels and assists in all departments. This department is available for assistance with the following services and to answer various other inquiries:

Election Management and Voting
Water/Sewer Billing Questions
Building Permits
Dog/Cat Licensing
Alcohol Licensing

The City Treasurer takes care of utility billing, accounts payable & receivable, payroll, and all other day-to-day financial responsibilities, as well as providing assistance to customers. 

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