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Razing Permit

210-11 (A) - Regulation for Razing Buildings

No building within the City of Weyauwega shall be razed without a permit from the Building Inspector. A snow fence or other approved barricade shall be provided as soon as any portion of the building is removed and shall remain during razing operations. After all razing operations have been completed, the foundation shall be filled at least one foot above the adjacent grade, the property raked clean, and all debris hauled away. Razing permits shall lapse and be void unless the work authorized thereby is commenced within six months from the date thereof or completed within 30 days from the date of commencement of said work. Any unfinished portion of work remaining beyond the required 30 days must have special approval from the Building Inspector.

City of Weyauwega Mission Statement


The City of Weyauwega will continue to embrace its great heritage and history while actively researching, attracting and implementing new opportunities and business for residents and guests to improve their quality of life through cost effective quality public services, great community events and recreational activities appropriate for all ages and cultures.

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